Keys to Becoming Your Best Self – Step One

One of the sources I have used, in my journey to be my best self, is The Four Agreements. These are truly agreements to live by.

The first of the agreements is “Be Impeccable with your Word”.

We all know someone who is a great story teller.  For some, lies and stories are the only way they know how to communicate.  Maybe they are scared of the truth. Maybe they feel that the truth will cause too much pain to someone (including themselves). If you do know one of these people, you are very well aware of how stories can transition and change each time they are told.  This occurs because they cannot remember exactly how they told the story the first time.

This is why being impeccable with your word is so important.  In order to be the best that you can be, you should always say what you mean and mean what you say.  Honesty and integrity are a huge part of becoming the best that you can be.  Even when the truth hurts, it is better to be honest than to lie and get caught up in a story that you can’t keep track of.

For the record, I am a terrible liar.  I hate when I have to keep secrets (especially the good kind, like surprise parties and stuff) because if I am asked a direct question, I have to tell the truth. I have tried to tell lies in the past, but I really suck at it.  Ask my children!

If you find that you struggle with being honest, or standing by your word, take an inventory of every time that you have lied (including little white lies) or not upheld your word and then take a look at the damage that each event caused.  Even subtle (small) damage is damage just the same.  The repercussions can be long lasting and substantial.

By always being honest, you open up the doors to people believing in you, trusting you, understanding that you are genuine, and supporting you when you need it the most.  Take baby steps if you must, but work towards empowering yourself in the light of truth and honesty. Remember, every journey starts with a single step.  I believe in you!